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AK Starz Elite

After School Care & Camps

back to school after summer vacations

After School Camps** for Mt. Carmel Elementary and Riverton Intermediate Students

Monday through Friday


**Includes 1 hour each week of instruction in gymnastics, or cheer – a $60/month value. You choose the class.  Children usually participate while in after school care.

Fee is only $45 per week

$30 registration fee for the year

We do not offer per day for after school care.

Children ride the bus to our facility.

At Kidnastics, we have children work and complete their homework each day, so that when you pick them up, you can go home and enjoy family time without the headache of getting them to do their homework.  We limit the amount of students we have because we want to have quality time with them and meet individual needs when doing homework.

We will provide time for homework and tutoring if needed.   We will provide organized activities that are educational and physical.  During full day camps we will provide extra instruction in art, music and dance.


Did you know we offer full day camps for school holidays and closing?  Our camps are full of sports and fun games.  Your child will not be bored here.  Our hours are 7:00am to 6:00pm.  Each child will need to bring a sack lunch and drink each day, also have tennis shoes and water bottle.

If your child is currently enrolled in one of our programs please click the link below to see your account, register or sign up for an event.

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School Break Camps


Weekly Fee:  $125

Per day fee:  $30 (this fee is only if we offer less than a 5 day camp. We do not allow part time campers)

 We have the perfect camp for your child.  Kids need to bring a sack lunch with drink.  We will provide each day with fun activities,basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer, batmitton, flag football, kickball, gymnastics, dance, art and crafts and much more.    We will have a limited spaces availiable for summer camp.

(We do not charge a registration fee for the camps.  Our software program will not allow us to choose which programs we can not charge registration fees to.  The fee will be posted but it will not be charged to your account.)

Have questions? Drop us a line below! or call 256.520.3467

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AK Starz Elite

Growing Gym

Kids group making arts and crafts in kindergarten. Children spending time in day care centre with the great interest.


The Growing Gym 2018-2019 Registration is NOW Open!!!
This age group will be using Abeka Curriculum and we will focus on phonics, manuscript writing, numbers, and reading. Your child will also receive dance, ninja warrior, gymnastics, art, and music.
One-time Registration, Curriculum, and Supply fee of $200.
2-3 year-old Fireflies
This age group will be using Funshine Curriculum, it is very interactive and teaches the beginning preschool skills, i.e. introduction to the alphabet, shapes, and numbers. Your child will also receive dance, ninja warrior, gymnastics, art, and music.

Children must be potty trained.
One-time Registration, Curriculum, and Supply fee of $200.
Register early and SAVE!!!
Register by May 31 and get HALF off your first month tuition
Register by June 30 and get $50 off your first month tuition.
Register by July 31 and get $25 off your first month tuition.

If your child is currently enrolled in one of our programs please click the link below to see your account, register or sign up for an event.

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A Unique Mother’s Morning Out Program. We offer you and your child a place to grow, learn, and have fun.,  We hope to provide your child with an environment that encourages imagination, self-confidence and stepping stone for educational success.

Our preschool program for 2018-2019 is now accepting regestrations.  We will offer a 3 day program Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Each of those days we meet 9:00 am -12:45 pm.  We will be using Funshine curriculum for the Fireflies and Abeka for Pre-K as well as have dance, gymnastics, ninja warrior, art & music.  We provide a fun learning environment for all our students and would love to have you join us.

Registration Now Open!

We are still taking enrollment!

Registration fee is $200

Monthly fee is $180

  • What we offer:

    Fall 2018-2019:Our curriculum includes:

    • LANGUAGE AND LISTENING – Letters and sounds, word recognition, reading readiness, and learning with music.
    • MATH – Counting, recognizing numbers, learning phone numbers, and addresses.
    • SCIENCE & SENSORY- How things look, feel, work, smell, and sound.
    • ART – Learning creative expression, as well as working with colors, shapes, and textures.
    • FINE MOTOR SKILLS – Working with puzzles, coloring, cutting, tracing, printing, and writing the alphabet.
    • GYMNASTICS – Gymnastics positions, various skills using uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline, and Tumble Track.
    • NINJA WARRIOR – This class is designed to develop strength, agility, coordination, flexibility, and balance thru a combination of gymnastics, fitness, and parkour training.  We will safely introduce the basics of parkour training/ gymnastics/fitness through landing, rolling, vaulting, climbing, and moving over, under, across, and through various obstacles.
    • Dance-creative moment that introduces young dancers to basic ballet building blocks including plies, releves, and arabesque. 

         (Special classes are a great addition to these programs and an awesome deal. Typically these classes are offered monthly at $60 EACH.  You are getting a huge savings on them being offered during class time.)     If you would love to come by and see how we are learning and moving we are happy to welcome you.

  • Things we ask ourselves when it is almost time for Kindergarten: 
    • What knowledge and skills should a child possess when they start school?
    • How prepared is he/she for social and academic demands of the classroom?
    • Can they get along in a large group of children?
    • Can he/she sit still and focus his/ her attention?
    • Is he/she interested in learning? 


  •      Email
  •      Let the talented staff at The Growing Gym help you answer these questions. Please let us know if you have any questions about our program.  We look forward to meeting you soon.
  •      These are the questions we all ask ourselves about our kids…
  •      Price for the 2018-2019 school year is $180 monthly for all classes.

Email us at: or fill out the form below.


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AK Starz Elite


Portrait of beautiful cheerleaders
Our new cheer facility is located at
138 Lawler Rd Brownsboro, Al. 
The facility is located off Highway 72 between Dug Hill and Moontown Rd. 
Thank you for your interest in Starz Elite!
Starz Elite All-Star Cheer Program is a competitive cheer program for ages 14 and under. Our program is built on discipline, commitment and team work. Our teams are highly competitive consistently placing in the top of their divisions at competitions and have received D2 Summit bids every year since our program began! We believe in building our athletes from the inside out so we start with a strong foundation and progress your child at his/her own ability level in a motivation, positive environment! We have a strong and experienced staff who are dedicated to helping each young athlete realize their full potential in tumbling and cheerleading. We firmly believe that our success comes from the dedication and commitment of our athletes and parents. We encourage positive attitudes and respectful behavior among our Starz Elite family!
We have options available for All-Star Cheerleading!
All-Star Cheer: Our All-Star Cheer teams try-outs are in May and the Season runs from June-April/May depending on date of the final competition.  Our teams are built on skill level and age. To build the best teams possible, we are looking for athletes and parents who are willing to commit a full year to our program and work hard to improve individual and team skills! All Star teams practice 4 hours a week with additional practices  required as we get closer to competition season. THESE TEAMS ARE BUILT FROM MAY-JULY AND REGISTRATION IS CLOSED AT THIS TIME.
All-Star Prep: We offer athletes an opportunity to get the “All-Star” experience but with less practice time and financial obligation.  The Prep program is the ideal building process for athletes to progress into our full year competitive teams, prepare for school cheer or for an athlete that loves cheerleading but does not have the time to commit to a full year team.
Starz Elite offers Prep teams for athletes that are 5-11 (as of August 31, 2017). Teams will practice 2 days a week for 1.5 hours. They will learn a routine that incorporates tumbling, jumping, stunting and dance. Teams will compete at 3 competitions between January-April. 
At A.K Starz Elite we also offer classes for school squads. We can specialize your needs as a squad. We offer tumbling, stunting, cheer techniques, choreography, and competition cheer, or all of the above. Just contact our cheer director to find out how we can help your squad.
Please only contact Julie Bagdonas (256 457-4084) for school squad info only. Please direct all other questions to office (256-520-3467)
Prices for school Squads are per student
1 hour a week                       2 hours a week
15+ students $50                 15+ students $60
10-14 students $55              10-14 students $70
5-9 students $60                  5-9 students $80
If your child is currently enrolled in one of our programs please click the link below to see your account, register or sign up for an event.
All-Star Exhibition: Our All-Star exhibition team is a non-travel team for ages 5-11 that meets one hour a week. This is a perfect introduction to cheerleading that builds basic skills in tumbling, stunting and jumping! The athletes will work on these skills and will learn routines throughout the season and showcase them for parent nights and community events. The season will begin in September 2017 and go through April of 2018. This team requires no long term commitment and athletes may withdraw at any time.  Athletes will be required to purchase one outfit for wear at events and performances that will be less than $50.
Contact us for more information.

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