The Growing Gym 2018-2019 Registration is NOW Open!!!
This age group will be using Abeka Curriculum and we will focus on phonics, manuscript writing, numbers, and reading. Your child will also receive dance, ninja warrior, gymnastics, art, and music.
One-time Registration, Curriculum, and Supply fee of $200.
2-3 year-old Fireflies
This age group will be using Funshine Curriculum, it is very interactive and teaches the beginning preschool skills, i.e. introduction to the alphabet, shapes, and numbers. Your child will also receive dance, ninja warrior, gymnastics, art, and music.

Children must be potty trained.
One-time Registration, Curriculum, and Supply fee of $200.
Register early and SAVE!!!
Register by May 31 and get HALF off your first month tuition
Register by June 30 and get $50 off your first month tuition.
Register by July 31 and get $25 off your first month tuition.

If your child is currently enrolled in one of our programs please click the link below to see your account, register or sign up for an event.

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A Unique Mother’s Morning Out Program. We offer you and your child a place to grow, learn, and have fun.,  We hope to provide your child with an environment that encourages imagination, self-confidence and stepping stone for educational success.

Our preschool program for 2018-2019 is now accepting regestrations.  We will offer a 3 day program Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Each of those days we meet 9:00 am -12:45 pm.  We will be using Funshine curriculum for the Fireflies and Abeka for Pre-K as well as have dance, gymnastics, ninja warrior, art & music.  We provide a fun learning environment for all our students and would love to have you join us.

Registration Now Open!

We are still taking enrollment!

Registration fee is $200

Monthly fee is $180

  • What we offer:

    Fall 2018-2019:Our curriculum includes:

    • LANGUAGE AND LISTENING – Letters and sounds, word recognition, reading readiness, and learning with music.
    • MATH – Counting, recognizing numbers, learning phone numbers, and addresses.
    • SCIENCE & SENSORY- How things look, feel, work, smell, and sound.
    • ART – Learning creative expression, as well as working with colors, shapes, and textures.
    • FINE MOTOR SKILLS – Working with puzzles, coloring, cutting, tracing, printing, and writing the alphabet.
    • GYMNASTICS – Gymnastics positions, various skills using uneven bars, balance beam, trampoline, and Tumble Track.
    • NINJA WARRIOR – This class is designed to develop strength, agility, coordination, flexibility, and balance thru a combination of gymnastics, fitness, and parkour training.  We will safely introduce the basics of parkour training/ gymnastics/fitness through landing, rolling, vaulting, climbing, and moving over, under, across, and through various obstacles.
    • Dance-creative moment that introduces young dancers to basic ballet building blocks including plies, releves, and arabesque. 

         (Special classes are a great addition to these programs and an awesome deal. Typically these classes are offered monthly at $60 EACH.  You are getting a huge savings on them being offered during class time.)     If you would love to come by and see how we are learning and moving we are happy to welcome you.

  • Things we ask ourselves when it is almost time for Kindergarten: 
    • What knowledge and skills should a child possess when they start school?
    • How prepared is he/she for social and academic demands of the classroom?
    • Can they get along in a large group of children?
    • Can he/she sit still and focus his/ her attention?
    • Is he/she interested in learning? 


  •      Email
  •      Let the talented staff at The Growing Gym help you answer these questions. Please let us know if you have any questions about our program.  We look forward to meeting you soon.
  •      These are the questions we all ask ourselves about our kids…
  •      Price for the 2018-2019 school year is $180 monthly for all classes.

Email us at: or fill out the form below.


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