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We offer three levels of tumbling on floor, starting with beginner to advanced.  Each level teaches a progression of skills. Tumbling classes are designed for those students that want to pursue cheer at recreation, school or competitive levels.  It is also for the gymnast that wants to impove tumbling skills.

Level 1: 

This is a beginner level class.  Skills will be taught in a progression. Skills taught: bridge up, front & back tuck rolls, front & back straddle rolls, pike rolls, handstand w/proper position, back bend, handstand to forward roll, left & right cartwheel, round-off.

Level 2:

This class is for students that have some tumbling skills. They must be able to do all level 1 skills before progressing to this level.
Skills taught: far arm cartwheel, round-off rebound, straight arm handstand roll out, back extension dive cartwheel, front limber, back walk-over, round-off to back extension, standing back handspring.

Level 3:

This class is for students that have more advanced skills.  The must be able to do all the skills in level 1 & level 2 before progressing to this level. Skills taught: front handspring step out, round-off back handspring, round-off back handspring rebound, standing back tucks, round-off back tucks, round-off back handspring back tuck, round-off back tuck full twist,  round-off back handspring back tuck full twist, front tuck, aerials.


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